Arizona Lemon Law Lawyers

Our team of Arizona Lemon Law Lawyers have the experience you need to help you settle your case. While it is possible for Lemon Law Cases to be settled without the help of a lawyer, hiring one can give you an upper hand in negotiating with the manufacturer, while also applying more pressure for the manufacturer to give in to your demands.

What is a Lemon Law?

According to the Arizona Revised Statues (A.R.S. 44-1263) “if a manufacturer or its authorized dealers are unable to conform a motor vehicle to any applicable express warranty by repairing or correcting any defect or condition which substantially impairs the use and value of the motor vehicle to the consumer after a reasonable number of attempts, the manufacturer shall replace the motor vehicle with a new motor vehicle or accept return from the consumer and refund to the consumer the full purchase price.”

This means that if the dealership which you purchased your car from has attempted to fix the car a reasonable number of times and is unable to, you may be able to return the car for the full purchase price, including any taxes which you paid for the purchase of the vehicle.

Can You Make a Lemon Law Claim?

Have you recently purchased a new car, only to find out that it’s particular model has defects which your dealer is unable to fix? Have you taken this new car to the dealership to have the problem remedied only to have them tell you that they were unable to fix or replicate the problem? Have you taken your vehicle to the dealership multiple times for this same problem? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you may be able to make a claim under Arizona’s Lemon Law.

Why Do I Need a Lemon Law Lawyer?

While it is possible to make claims and even win settlements without an attorney in this area, it is not a guaranteed victory, and the help of an attorney can be the difference between winning and losing a Lemon Law claim. This is in part because there are a number of defenses which manufacturers may use in order to defend themselves in the event of a claim. They may argue that the problem does not substantially impair the use and market value of the vehicle. They may also argue that the problem is the result of abuse, neglect, or unauthorized modifications made to the vehicle. These defenses can be difficult to fight, especially when in the hands of the large, experienced legal team of an automobile manufacture. This makes hiring a Lemon Law Attorney very important to ensure you get the settlement which you deserve.

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More About Lemon Law

The Arizona State Lemon Laws and Federal Warranty Laws protect consumers by giving them recourse if they have purchased a car or truck which is a lemon (has some sort of mechanical defect or combination of defects which cannot be fixed within a reasonable number of attempts. Lemon Laws give you the right to address your concerns about your recently purchased vehicle. Our firm has the expertise in working with automobiles, as well as decades of trial experience, which gives us the ability to fight lemon law cases effectively.

How Many Attempts Does the Dealership Have to Fix the Problem?

According to Arizona State Law (A.R.S. 44-1264) a reasonable number of attempts must be undertaken before a Lemon Law Claim can be made. A reasonable number of attempts is defined by the same problem being subject to repair four or more times during the express warranty term with the problem still persisting. It is also presumed that a reasonable number of attempts have been made if the vehicle is out of service by reason of repair for a cumulative total of 30 or more calendar days during the express warranty term. The term of the express warranty coverage period may also be extended under this law in when manufacturer services are not available in extreme cases such as war, invasion, strike, fire, flood, or other natural disaster.

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While the law defines the number of attempts the dealership has, it is still in your best interest to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. If you are approaching four total repairs on the same problem, or believe you are eligible under one of the other conditions listed, you should contact our team of Scottsdale Lemon Law Lawyers today to discuss your options. For a free consultation with one of our Scottsdale lemon law lawyers, call Chuck Franklin Law at 480-545-0700 today!