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The War On Drugs

Over the years, this country has morphed into a surveillance state, where overzealous politicians and law enforcement agents have sought to eliminate the hard-won freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The resounding theme repeated by those that would do away with constitutional protections, which were earned with the blood of our forefathers, is that the curtailment of individual liberty is necessary to help insure our safety. As a great man once said, those who would trade liberty for safety deserve neither.

For many years the government's "War on Drugs" has provided law enforcement with the perfect excuse to continuously push back on the populace in an effort to curtail the rights of the individual. Despite the best efforts of federal and local officials, the essential rights with which all men are imbued still exist in this country, and there remain constitutional limits on governmental action. However, it takes a well-trained and experienced criminal attorney to make sure that your rights are protected in a courtroom.

For years, we have worked diligently and passionately to insure that the rights of those charged with drug offenses are not trampled by law enforcement or overzealous prosecutors. We have represented countless clients facing drug possession, as well as sales, distribution and trafficking charges, and protected them from the overreaching of government officials in federal and state courts. Whether the case involved marijuana, cocaine, synthetic drugs or methamphetamine, we have helped guarantee that our clients were treated fairly and justly by the system. In some instances, that has meant taking advantage of state-run diversion programs. In others, it has meant alleging constitutional violations, seeking suppression of evidence, and ultimately putting the state's "proof" to the test at trial.

Every case involving drugs, whether it be simple possession or large-scale conspiracy and distribution, is different and must be weighed on its merits. In order to protect your rights, property and ultimately your freedom, you need an attorney with experience defending drug charges. The lawyers at Chuck Franklin Law have that experience, and will help to protect your rights.

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Drug Crime Penalties

The penalties associated with drug offenses vary depending on a variety of factors, including but not limited to, the type and amount of drugs, the suspect's criminal history and whether the case involves simple possession or distribution. A person who is accused of simple possession of a small amount of drugs may often be eligible for court diversion programs, which if completed often lead to a complete dismissal of the charges. Even if you are not eligible for a diversion program, you may be meet the requirements of Proposition 200, which mandates treatment instead of jail time for certain individuals charged with drug offenses. However, if a person is accused of possessing a large amount of drugs, he or she may be facing a lengthy prison sentence if convicted.

In Arizona the legislature has set a "threshold amount," for a variety of drugs. If a person is convicted of possessing a drug in an amount over the "threshold amount," he or she will face a mandatory prison sentence under Arizona law. However, it is often possible for a skilled and knowledgeable attorney to work out an agreement with the state whereby prison time can be avoided despite the fact that the defendant was accused of possessing an amount of drugs beyond the "threshold amount."

The "threshold amount" in Arizona varies with the type of drug, and generally speaking is as follows:

  • 2 or more pounds of marijuana
  • 4 grams or 50 milliliters or more of PCP
  • 9 grams or more of amphetamine and methamphetamine whether in liquid suspension or not
  • 9 grams or more of cocaine in powder form or 750 milligrams or more in rock form
  • ½ milliliter or more of LSD in liquid form or 50 dosage units of LSD if in blotter form
  • Any drug not listed above in an amount where the value is $1,000 or more

Why Do You Need Drug Crimes Lawyers

Regardless of the amount of drugs you have been accused of possessing, if there is evidence of sales or distribution you may face significant penalties including but not limited to time in prison. If you are charged with possession for sale, distribution or conspiracy to distribute drugs, it is imperative that you retain experienced counsel to defend you. For a general overview of potential sentencing ranges associated with drug offenses, please visit the Arizona Courts website.

Whether you are charged with simple possession of an illicit substance or something more serious like sales, distribution or conspiracy, an experienced criminal defense attorney can make all the difference.

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