Breaking Lease In Arizona

If you are a tenant in Arizona and you plan on breaking lease, it is important that you know your rights under your lease agreement. A landlord tenant lawyer can help you to break down the legal terms in your lease so that you can make the best choice based on your current situation.

Can I Break My Lease?

The rules for Landlord Tenant relationships are defined in the Arizona Revised Statutes. The statutes set aside a few situations where a lease can be terminated. These situations arise generally when the lease term is up, or when both parties come to an agreement to cancel the lease. There are other situations which are designed to protect tenants by allowing them to break lease when their landlord fails to uphold their end of the agreement. The following are some of the scenarios which may allow you to break lease.

Lease Expiration

The most common cause of lease ┬átermination is the lease expiring at the end of it’s term. In this situation you won’t have any issue terminating the lease, even if the landlord disagrees. You must be careful to check for any requirements of advanced notice when planning on ending a lease once its term is over. Many leases require some amount of advanced notice to break out of the lease at the end of the term. For example, many leases are written requiring a month’s notice, or they will continue on a month to month basis once the lease term has ended.

Landlord and Tenant Agreement

Another situation where a lease can end, this time before the lease term has expired, is when the landlord agrees to break the lease. In this situation, both parties can agree to end the lease, freeing both parties from the agreement. As a tenant, it is important that you get any agreements made between you and your landlord for breaking lease recorded on paper. If you are planing on coming to a lease breaking agreement with your landlord, you should contact an experienced attorney today. We can help you negotiate an agreement and help to ensure that everything is documented to ensure that your rights are protected.

Landlord Fails To Repair Property

When a landlord fails to repair a rental property in a timely manner, a tenant can break lease. In situations such as this, the tenant must provide a written five or ten day notice to the landlord. The rules for these notices are complicated; a simple mistake can invalidate the document. Contact us for assistance with five and ten day notices. If the process is not followed exactly, it could prevent you from breaking lease; even if the landlord fails to repair the problems.

Contact a Landlord Tenant Lawyer Today

Landlord Tenant disputes are complicated and can be a headache. Don’t try to go it alone contact us today for assistance if you plan on breaking your lease. We can give you advise based on your personal situation, taking into consideration your lease and the actions of your landlord. Call us today to speak to a real attorney, not a secretary or a paid closer. You can contact Chuck Franklin at 480-545-0700 today!