Arizona Motorcycle Lawyer

Arizona has great riding weather through the Spring, Fall, and Winter. That is why so many of us enjoy going out for rides during those times. Some brave riders even do it daily through the scorching summer heat. With such an active community of bikers and motorcycle riders there are always countless motorcycles on the road in Arizona. Unfortunately that does not mean that all drivers keep an eye out for motorcycles during their commutes. That is why Chuck Franklin has been an Arizona Motorcycle Lawyer since he began practicing law. In fact he has been practicing personal injury law locally since 1987; representing hundreds of bikers and members of Arizona’s Motorcycle Community after an accident. Chuck Franklin is Arizona’s Original Motorcycle Accident Attorney™.

What Makes Chuck Franklin Law Different?

Many of the law firms who claim to be Arizona Motorcycle Lawyers actually belong to law firms which are based out of state. They run promotions and advertisement in state, but their local offices focus on taking on as many cases as possible. This corporate approach which leaves firms decentralized and often creates an atmosphere which moves cases along as quickly as possible to make room for more cases. At Chuck Franklin Law, we have purposefully limited the size of our practice so that we can spend more time focusing on each individual case. We don’t want to push your case through so that we get paid quicker. Our focus is on making sure you get the compensation that you deserve after an accident.

How Can We Help You?

We know that accidents, especially those involving motorcycles can be difficult to go through. Medical expenses are higher than ever and insurance policies are often times very low compared to those costs. We go through the process of identifying all of the parties involved, and check the insurance policies which you hold as well as those of the driver who hit you for any compensation that fits your case. In some cases the other driver may not own the vehicle they were driving and other insurance policies may be available. Then we  gather all of your medical bills and records. Using these we demand the compensation you deserve from the involved insurance carriers. With our help you can rest assured knowing that we are fighting for you.

A Real Arizona Motorcycle Lawyer

Since Chuck has been an Arizona Motorcycle Lawyer for over 30 years he is familiar with many of the details of Motorcycle Accident cases which can differ from other accident cases.  We know how Personal Injury matters work in court and we know how it feels to ride. Both of our attorneys have years of legal experience as well as years of experience riding. Let us fight for the compensation that you deserve after an accident, so we can get you back on your feet, and back on the road.

Contact an Arizona Motorcycle Lawyer Today

If you or someone that you know has been involved in a motorcycle accident it is important that you contact a lawyer quickly. Getting an early start in a Personal Injury matter is important. You only have two years after an accident to file a personal injury lawsuit. While this may seem like a long time, legal matters can move slowly. You should also  start early so that any evidence is not lost. This also allows us to begin talking with the insurance companies earlier, allowing you to focus on healing.

If you have been involved in an accident you should contact a personal injury lawyer today. When you call us, you speak to Chuck, not some secretary or professional closer. For a free consultation call Chuck today at 480-545-0700!