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Our team of Sex Crime Lawyers have been practicing Criminal Defense Law locally in the Phoenix area since 1987. This includes many matters involving Sex Crimes. In order to successfully fight sex crime charges you need an experienced lawyer who knows how to defend a sex crimes charge.

Sex Crime Charges

It is impossible to overstate the severity of any sex crime charge. Regardless of the charges you are facing, your reputation, career and life could be ruined. More serious charges involving a sexual assault of a minor can result in a mandatory prison sentence. In addition to incarceration, you will be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life if you are convicted, and face possible lifetime sex offense probation.

You need a tough, experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you in any sex offense case. At Chuck Franklin Law, we have the experience and skill to protect your rights and fight the charges against you. I understand that the rest of your life will be affected by the outcome of your case. I thoroughly investigate each case and prepare for trial from the very beginning. You can rely on my dedication to clients throughout the duration of your case.

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Defense From An Experienced Attorney

In Arizona, conviction for any felony sex-related offense may result in lifetime sex offense probation. This probation will make it very difficult to find a place to live, get a job and have a relationship with your family. Sex offense probation is in addition to registering as a sex offender.

I have extensive experience with sex crime defense, including complex cases involving minors and professionals. I can defend you in cases such as:

It is not uncommon to need a lawyer even if you have not yet been charged with a crime, especially in sex offense cases. My legal team and I are ready to defend you and protect you from meritless, unfounded allegations.

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