Always Ride Defensively 

In today’s episode Chuck has a friendly reminder for all of our fans who will be enjoying the upcoming cool weather on their motorcycles. It is always important that you ride defensively. If you’re traveling in a car, always be sure to check twice for motorcycles on the road, it could save a life!

Always Ride Defensively Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Chuck Franklin. This is just something I have noticed.

Obviously when the weather starts getting nicer everybody starts getting back on their motorcycles. They dust them off and get ready to start riding. This past weekend was warm but it was nicer towards the late afternoon and evening.

Inevitably there was an accident. It was someone turning left in a car in front of a biker. The biker was severely hurt. My point in bringing this up is you have to ride defensively.

Don’t ever assume. Even if you have a green light, don’t assume that that car in front of you who is at a red arrow getting ready to turn left in front of you is actually going to stop or yield to you. Likewise, that also goes for the cross traffic to the left and the right. Don’t assume that they are going to stop for you. You can’t do that.

As I have stated before, we have more red light runners in this Valley than any place in the country. Arizona has more red light runners than any other state in the United States.

Be aware . It is not a comfortable way to ride because obviously you’re constantly on the look out for somebody doing something like that. But try to anticipate somebody doing something dumb that could take you out. That is really the only way to ride defensively around here and live for another day to ride.

Thank you.