Blood Alcohol Content Drinking Charts

In today’s episode Chuck talks about the Blood Alcohol Content drinking charts found online. He explains why these charts can’t be depended upon.

Blood Alcohol Content Drinking Charts Video Transcript

Hi friends. I’d like to talk to you about something that I keep seeing on the internet. It is essentially a drinking chart.

With the holidays coming up I know people will go out and drink at parties or go out to bars and what have you. These drinking charts will give you – or can give you – a false sense of security.

These charts look like a graph and they have say “a hundred and sixty pound person” and they have a blood alcohol level connected to how many drinks. That is all fine and dandy, but keep in mind those are general. That information is based upon general information or the average human being in terms of weight, the amount of drinks in the last hour, and whether or not you ate before you drank. That can effect your absorption rate and elimination rate.

The point of this is, those drinking charts that you see, please don’t take those as gospel. I don’t want any of the people I know, all you folks, to use those charts as a tool lets say. “Oh the chart says I can have two drinks, I weigh 160 lbs and I’ll only be a 0.05 reading.” That may not be the case.

Not to mention the fact that, if you’re not drinking beer let’s say, and you’re drinking red wine, and it happens to be a taller pour like 8 ounces. By the way a “glass” of wine which those charts are referring to is about four ounces. So an 8 ounce glass of wine is really a double. If you’re drinking hard liquor and it happens to be a tall pour or a long pour by a bartender, that will affect those results too.

Seeing those chartsĀ  should not give you any security as to what your blood alcohol reading is after let’s say two beers, two glasses of wine, two hard drinks, whatever. Don’t use those. Safely drinking means, you know I can’t even say have one drink and call it a night because depending on your weight and whether you had a stomach full of food, that’s going to affect your blood alcohol reading.

Some people who are small, especially tiny women, one glass of wine can effect them and put them over a 0.08. The safe thing to do is call Uber, call a Cab, just don’t drink and drive. Because if you’re involved in a DUI Stop and accused of it, even though you not be impaired, you’re still going to have to make your fight in a courtroom, and it’s still going to cost you money through an attorney.

If you end up being found guilty, when in fact you weren’t impaired, then it’s going to affect you for at least five years when it comes to your driving record, your insurance, your driver’s license. And it will end up being on your criminal record for the rest of your life.

So my word for advice is don’t drink and drive, especially during the holidays with all the DUI patrols.

Thank you.