Can Children Ride on the Back of a Motorcycle?

In today’s episode of Ask Chuck, Chuck answers the question “Can children ride on the back of a Motorcycle in Arizona?”

Can Children Ride on the Back of a Motorcycle Video Transcript

Hi Chuck, I just got a Harley and I wanted to know what the laws are as far as letting my children ride on the back of my motorcycle? (My kid is 10 years old.)

As long as your kid is holding on tight. That is the first thing. Second thing, be sure you put a helmet on them. An approved helmet that is fitted for a child. There are plenty of helmet manufacturers that make smaller helmets for kids so that they fit snug. Not too loose, not too tight, but snug. Of course they will probably outgrow it after the first ride, and then they have eye protection.

If it was my child I would make sure that I got him some kind of padded jeans and put a leather coat on him, and even a pair of gloves. Just in case. God forbid you end up in an accident, your child is protected as best they can be. There are no special laws or anything, other than since it is a minor they have to have a helmet. In Arizona we are a helmet-less state, adults don’t have to ride with a helmet on.

But I would fully gear up that child as best I could. Strap a mattress to their back if you have to. I would not want to live with the fact that I took my child out on my motorcycle and some idiot caused me to have an accident, or ran into me or something and something happened to my kid because of that.

That is all you need to do so your children can ride, just take care of them and definitely be alert.