Can a Cop Stop You for Carrying a Gun?

In today’s episode of Ask Chuck, Chuck Responds to a question on whether or not a police officer can stop you for carrying a gun when riding a motorcycle or in other situations.

Can a Cop Stop You for carrying a Gun? Video Transcript

Chuck, I like  to carry a gun with me whenever I ride my motorcycle. Just to be safe, because you never know what is going to happen out there. But I am kind of worried about being hassled by the cops. Can a Cop Stop you just because you are carrying a gun?

Absolutely not. He will probably figure out another way to stop you. It’s not probable cause by the way. Probable cause means is there enough evidence to charge someone and to proceed to trial, and you have to be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt at this level (Chuck holds his hand high.)  Probable cause is here (Chuck holds his hand at a middle level.) and reasonable suspicion is here (Hands at a low level.) A reasonable suspicion that a civil traffic violation has been made or maybe a criminal violation. Then they can pull you over based on that and only that.

Not on a concealed weapon or a partially concealed weapon, this is Arizona. Anyone over the age of 21 can carry a concealed weapon. When I say anyone, there is an exception to that. A convicted felon or somebody that has been prohibited like a conviction for domestic violence assault, you can’t carry a gun forever. You can always ask to restore your gun rights but until then you cant carry a gun. Anybody that has never been in trouble before (sort of a blanket term) can carry a gun concealed.

If somewhere has a liqueur licence, or you walk into a bar,  or I suppose that would even be a grocery store situation with a liqueur licence, or Circle K, you can not have a concealed weapon on you. Even with a CCW you cannot do that. Nowadays there is typically a sign on the door saying “We don’t want any firearms in the business” and you have to abide by that. You can get in trouble if you don’t.

Simply put: No, You cannot be stopped or hassled because you have a gun on you. Period. I would be a little bit cautious, get a CCW. That sort of covers all the bases just in case you’ve got your leather on and you can’t see part of your gun, or all of the gun coming out from under the leather, with a concealed weapons permit, you’re good. There’s no issues there.