Come to Court

In this episode Attorney Chuck Franklin speaks briefly about what is expected of you when you have a court appearance.

Come to Court Transcript

I’ve got a topic, that you would think was common sense. Which is to show up to court when you have a court appearance, but as of late I have had a couple people who have failed to show up to court or have been a few hours late. This is not acceptable.

It makes me embarrassed when the judge has to ask “where is your client Mr. Franklin?” and I have to tell them, “well I don’t know” or “they slept in” and it also makes you look bad and unreliable. I cannot lie to the court by saying that “you were out of town and your plane broke down” or something of that nature. I have to tell them the truth. However, I also cannot violate the attorney client privilege either. But, in a generic term I can say “hey, they are late and are on their way”.

My whole point in the video is that, when you have a scheduled court appearance with me or anyone else, please, let them know you are going to be late. Let them know you aren’t going to make it and if it’s a true emergency. This is not like a doctor visit where you can change it on a whim. You have to show up!

If you do not show up a warrant will issue for your arrest, and the problem is, when a warrant gets issued for your arrest on a traffic matter your license gets suspended because of defaulted tickets. When it gets suspended you may never know, if you have not changed your address on your driver’s license in a few years. All in all, your license gets suspended, you get pulled over, you get mandatory jail. Plus having a suspended license on your insurance record is just as bad as having a reckless driving or a DUI on your record. You don’t want that to happen.

So, if you are told to go to court, show up and dress appropriately. You don’t have to dress in a suit but dress nicely. Do not wear sleeveless shirts, holey cut offs, frayed cut offs and things like that. Please dress accordingly, it is a court house and you want respect at least from the court even if you were not given that respect in your arrest. It’s just something that make all of us look better when I am making an argument. Especially, first impressions in front of a judge. Thank you.


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