Defense of Others

In today’s video Chuck explains Defense of others and whether or not you are legally in the clear to use force to defend someone else.

Defense of Others Video Transcript

All right, friends. If you live here in the Valley you probably would have heard last week there was a bad traffic… actually, a bunch of traffic jams; but one apparently and allegedly was caused by a man that was stabbing his… it was identified as his girlfriend, in traffic. And he was trying to stab her to death and ultimately, he succeeded. But here is the issue, I got a question the other day from somebody and a concerned citizen… a very concerned citizen, a real brave guy, ran up and tried to shoot the assailant to stop him from actually stabbing the woman. And, I’m sorry to say he was too late. But the question is, hey, can I get in trouble for doing that? Let me put it to you this way, it’s called Defense of Others. And it’s really like self-defense. You can use lethal force, like in this case, to stop lethal force on another; but you’d better be sure that what you are seeing is actually what you believe is happening. In other words, don’t get the parties messed up because if you shoot the wrong person, you will be held responsible. Either Aggravated Assault or if the person dies, it’s going to be Murder.

Also, too and, anybody that owns a gun will tell you the same thing, you make sure what your background is. In other words, if you’re so close that bullet is going to go through that person and potentially go down the street and hit some kid or somebody else, don’t do it. You just make sure that’s going to stop that person from continuing the assault and also that the bullet is going to stay there. Just look at your background and make sure that you’re not putting anybody else in danger. Because if bullets start flying all over the place while you’re trying to protect, in this case this woman who was allegedly getting stabbed, and bullets are flying all over and it’s done in a reckless manner, you can still be charged with a crime. And there’s probably no way of ever knowing, one hundred percent sure, that what you’re doing is correct and what you’re looking at is actually what’s going on. But you know, God help you and congratulations and my hats off to that man that ran up and put his own life in danger trying to save that woman. Terrible thing. Thank you.