Don’t Talk About Your Case

In today’s episode Chuck explains why it is not a good idea to talk about your case with loved ones or friends while on the phone in jail. Just remember, don’t talk to your case with anyone but your lawyer.

Transcript of Don’t Talk About Your Case

This video segment is going to be about if you’re incarcerated, let’s assume you’ve been charged with a crime. Guilty or not, but you’ve been charged with a crime, and the bond is set so high or you are non-bond-able  for a variety of reasons, and you’re sitting in jail.

Obviously you’re missing your family, your friends, and you are allowed (after an account has been set up with the county jail) to make phone calls. Let’s assume you’re calling your wife. The last thing you want to do is talk about your case. You need to instruct the people the second they answer the telephone whether they be your mom your dad, your sister,  your brother, “Do not ask me questions about the pending case.” Because every one of those phone calls are recorded and logged.

If you’ve been in jail long enough, prior to a trial (and this has happened as well) the county attorney will ask for a log with your inmate number and get all of the recordings and they will go through those. Many times I have had those recordings thrown in front of me prior to a trail where a client has admitted that he did something or he has talked about his defense to another, and it was completely different from the facts that he gave the police when he was arrested. Or completely different from what he has told me or she has told me.

My point is, talk about family, talk about the weather, but don’t talk about the case on a telephone at the jails or even in the video (they’ve got video visitation now.) So you talk about your case in person, to a lawyer, or on a legal phone call. A legal phone call to your attorney can not be recorded so you don’t have anything to worry about there.

But again, do not talk about your case, thank you.

Remember Don’t Talk About Your Case!

If you are in need of legal representation for criminal charges such as a DUI or Drug Crime, you should contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Our team of experienced Criminal Defense attorneys have the experience necessary to defend you. Don’t talk about details of your case with anyone until you speak to an experienced attorney.