First Offense DUI Consequences

The consequences for a first offense DUI conviction can vary depending on the type of DUI charge. Differences in many factors including your Blood Alcohol Content can lead to different consequences. In today’s episode Chuck talks about the differences in consequences for a first offense DUI charge.

First Offense DUI Consequences

Hi folks. I have been getting a lot of emails about the penalties, at least the jail penalties associated with the various DUIs in Arizona. I wanted to explain that to you.

A first offense regular DUI is a DUI with a blood alcohol reading greater than a .08% but less than a .15%. You’re looking at 10 days in jail, all but one gets suspended if you complete an alcohol screening session and go to the required counseling. The counseling is typically group counseling for 16 hours. It can be more but typically it is 16 hours.

A second, excuse me, a first offense Extreme DUI is a Blood Alcohol reading greater than .15% but less than a .20%. You’re looking at 30 days in jail, but all but 9 get suspended  if you get a certified Ignition Interlock Device on your vehicle for a year and you don’t have any positive blows or missed blows in that one year period.  Out of those 9 days in jail, you actually only have to do two real days in jail. After that you are eligible for home detention in certain courts. Not every court.

The budgets are not there for the county justice courts. So if you’re in one of the city courts you are eligible for home detention and they have a program set up. The other courts do not. So keep that in mind, because this is not etched in stone for every court in Arizona.

If you get a Super Extreme DUI (that means a blood alcohol reading of greater than .20.) That’s high. You’re looking at 45 days in jail. All but 14 can be suspended if you get a certified Ignition Interlock device and keep it on your vehicle for 18 months. You must also have no positive blows or missed blows in that period. Out of those 14 days in jail you only have to do 3, with 11 days home detention. Again there are limitations: they offer home detention in all of the city courts not the county justice courts.

The fines for the extremes are double what they are for a regular DUI which is $1500. So times 2 would be about $3000 for each one of these. Keep in mind you also have to pay for your nine days in jail or your fourteen days in jail. If in fact you do the reduced time you have to pay for the home detention.

These fines build up. It can cost you. In some of the communities where they actually put you on probation with a Probation Officer you end up spending $6,000 on fines, jail costs, alcohol screening, and home detention. Not to mention your insurance rates. if your carrier finds out, will probably double per month. You might also have to get an SR22 which costs even more money.

Those are the penalties associated with misdemeanor first time DUI charges.

Have You Been Charged For A First Offense DUI?

If you are facing First Offense DUI charges you need an experienced attorney to fight for your rights. A DUI Conviction can carry harsh penalties including hefty fines and jail time. Let us defend your rights in court by contacting Chuck today at 480-545-0700!