A Few Things About Chuck Franklin

This episode is quite different from what you may see on our page. More often than not, Chuck Franklin is sharing legal information with us, but this time Chuck tells us about his legal background as well as his personal background. Don’t miss today’s episode to learn a few things about Chuck Franklin.

A Few Things About Chuck Franklin

Chuck Franklin: Hi folks, in today’s segment I’m going to tell you a little bit about me and my background.

Alright Chuck, I’m going to ask you a few questions here, so let’s get started.

Where are you from?

I grew up in the Chicago area.

What College and Law School Did You Attend?

I went to Arizona State, I started in 1977.  In 1979 I left for a year and went to the University of Texas. I came back to ASU for another 2 years and graduated in 1982 from Arizona State.

Then I took a year off, was a juvenile probation officer for Maricopa County. Then I went to Los Angeles and went to Whittier Law and spent the next 3 – or about 3 and a half years – there for Law School. While I was there I worked for LA County Child Protective Services (CPS).

How Long Have You Been in Arizona?

I have been in Arizona for 40 years this August. Since 1977.

What Made You Open Your Own Law Firm?

I couldn’t find a job in 1987 when I took the Arizona State Bar and passed it. The economy was not doing real well so, you know, I was young and took a chance and hung my shingle and then went out every single night and threw my cards out everywhere.

What Are a Few Challenges that You Have Had to Face Along the Way to Get to Your Position?

You know, Law School teaches you theory, if you will. It teaches you to research, but it really doesn’t teach you how to be a lawyer. Since I hadn’t worked for an attorney for the most part, at least when it comes to trial work or anything or litigators, I had to learn on my own. So I used to hang out by myself in trials in Phoenix City Court and watch a lot of really good lawyers and how they presented their cases.

I started learning the rules of evidence by watching these same attorneys. So really, learning to be a lawyer, and be a trial attorney. That was huge and being able to speak in front of people was really huge too. I had a real problem with that.

What Would You Say You Like Best About Owning Your Own Law Firm?

Pride. I take a lot of Pride in my customer service if you will. I’ve made it a point around here that client contact is the most important thing . If somebody calls you’ve got to get back to them. Even though I have a good amount of clients, I try to do things almost immediately if I can. If I’m not in court. If I get an email I’ll respond very quick. If I get a phone call I’m on top of it. My phone messages – voice messages – get transcribed into emails which is super convenient. Especially in a place where I can’t make a phone call.

I try to do things quickly and as real time as I can so that people aren’t  waiting for an answer. That’s the most important thing in terms of the pride I have for my law firm is getting back to people with the information they’re asking for.

With Your Legal Background, Do You Find It Hard To Keep Up With New Laws That Are Passed?

No. I spend a lot of time reading, and I like reading. I belong to different groups of Attorneys around the United States. I read opinions from different Federal Circuits and from the Supreme Court which becomes a bigger issue now that we’ve had some changes with the court. I belong to a trail lawyer’s association here in Arizona – and it’s really neat because lawyers go on the internet to these – we call them list serves – but we talk about the issues we have with our cases and we ask other lawyers “you know, what do you think? How should I handle this type of thing?” So it’s better to have more than one head thinking about an issue and if you’ve got a bunch of people chiming in about what you should do. I mean everybody’s work product at the end of the day ends up being better.

How Would You Say You Define Success?

In life: by enjoying what you do and helping others. Money has nothing to do with it.

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

Still working. I have an 8 year old little girl and I want to see her get through college. I don’t think anything will change. I still have my love for motorcycles, I enjoy representing bikers that have been involved in accidents. I enjoy the criminal stuff because it’s a big challenge and honestly it is fun. I like being in a court room and I like being in front of people, so nothing will change.

Is There Anything You Would Like Viewers to Know About You?

No, except maybe that  I consider myself pretty down to earth. I’ve called myself a blue collar worker with an advanced degree, and I’ll never forget where I grew up and my roots. I’m very proud of my roots in Chicago. That’s really about it.

I don’t talk like an attorney. I don’t attempt to talk over anybody’s head because I want my clients and my friends to know what I’m saying. The ability to talk and write like an attorney  is really not — The American Bar Association has said you shouldn’t do that, and I agree. It gives lawyers a bad reputation, as if we are attempting to talk over the heads of other people who don’t have law degrees. I agree with that – that’s just not right. So when you ask me a question I give you a – I don’t know – call it a down to Earth type of answer that you can completely understand, and if you don’t, then I’ll explain it to you in a different manner.

But I think that’s really what I’m sort of all about. I don’t want anybody to be afraid. People are already in a bad situation typically when they come to me, so I want people to be relaxed when they’re around me.

Thank you for your time Chuck.

You’re very welcome.


Chuck Franklin has been practicing criminal defense and personal injury law locally in the Phoenix area since 1987. If you or anyone you know needs legal assistance of any kind do not hesitate to contact Attorney Chuck Franklin at (480) 545-0700.