Illegal U-Turns

In today’s video Chuck talks about a frequent method of making U-Turns in the Valley that despite it’s frequency is actually illegal.

Illegal U-Turns

Hi friends, especially those here in Arizona, I want to share some information about U-Turns with you. Now that it is getting nicer out because our winter coming, especially with snow-birds coming in traffic is obviously getting worse. Those of you who ride motorcycles are obviously out riding because the weather is beautiful.

Something came to mind last Saturday while I was riding. I saw someone in a car make a U-Turn, which is perfectly legal if it is done in safety. But this particular person came to the beginning of an intersection. The median of this intersection extended all the way up to the cross walk. This person who was in the left turn lane, instead of making their U-Turn on a green arrow, decided to make a U-Turn through the crosswalk on a red arrow.

They probably believed that was legal because they didn’t enter the intersection, this is a common misconception.┬áThat is not legal. Whether you are in the car or on a motorcycle, or whatever else. Even if they median only extends up to the stop line that is in the street, that does not give you permission to drive into the crosswalk and make a U-Turn and go back the other way. Especially against a red arrow.

So, please don’t do that; if there is an accident you are going to be responsible for it, that means you could end up with less money in a Personal Injury Claim. In addition please look out for motorists in cars doing anything that is that dumb, because that is not legal. I have actually had people tell me that they thought it was legal until I told them it was not. If you have a red arrow, that means stop. Then you wait until that arrow turns green.

That’s a riding tip, and be safe please. Thank you.