Impacts of a DUI Conviction

In today’s episode Chuck talks about the Impacts that a DUI Conviction can have on your life. This is a serious offense, and could prevent you from being able to find work if you drive for a living.

Impacts of a DUI Conviction Video Transcript

Hi folks. I have been getting  a lot of questions as to what impact a DUI Conviction, even a first offense, will have on someone’s life. It’s sort of easy, but a hard question depending on what you do for a living is one issue. If you drive for a living, you won’t be driving for a living afterwards. Even one DUI conviction will take you out of the running in terms of being insurable with most major commercial policies.

In other words if you go work for lets say, UPS, and you are a driver. If you get a DUI and they get wind of it, you won’t have that driving position anymore. I am not talking about a CDL holder at this time, that’s even another issue. What I am saying is that you will become un-insurable under their commercial policy. Therefore UPS will either demote you or fire you. That is a hypothetical and I really don’t know UPS’s policies except by way of a client in the past, but I do know it is serious. Nowadays because there is a hypersensitivity  among the insurance companies for insuring high risk drivers, you will screw yourself.

For those of you that drive for a living, whether it be a cab, an eighteen-wheeler, or something in between, you cannot afford to drink an drive. Even beyond that, if you get a DUI conviction, it is a criminal conviction. It stays with you for the rest of your life. You will have an NCIC Number  attached to that, which is the National Crime Information Center that the FBI has on the East Coast. You will have a mug shot, and you will have a fingerprint. That will always be there. Always.

If Law Enforcement does a background check, they will find it. Someone like myself could probably find it in a background check. You may be the best candidate for a job, somebody who is in second place is way behind you. But because of your DUI conviction you’re gonna be considered a risk to that company and they won’t hire you.

My suggestion is, I’ve told this and I’ve preached this: It’s better to not drink and drive. Especially with the ability of the government to get a conviction. DUIs are very difficult to try,  I’ve told this to a thousand clients. I would rather have you come into my office on a Burglary charge, an Aggravated assault, something “normal” if you will, than a DUI case. Because people that are in the jury pool, potential jurors, believe it is illegal to drink and drive. It’s not, I mean you can have a beer or two depending on your weight and on when you ate. It’s always better to drink on a full stomach than it is on an empty one.

My point is, most people out there believe that it is illegal to drink and drive. Even if they don’t and they’re told by the judge “Here’s a jury instruction that you may find this person guilty of being impaired to the slightest degree, if you find they were drinking, they consumed alcohol (or drugs), and their ability to drive was impaired to the slightest degree.” So in other words you’re guilty.

A lot of people believe that all that is is one drink. They won’t even listen to a judge when the judge is giving instructions, and all they focus on is that you were drinking, you were driving, so therefor you’re guilty. That is an issue, and its a difficult issue for an attorney or for a defendant in a court room. This goes for any kind of vehicular charge involving alcohol. Nowadays with all the publicity that is give by the media in talking about people going the wrong way on freeways and hitting people head on, and the catastrophic injuries or deaths to families, and things. Just don’t put yourself in that position.

Thank you.

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