Keep Quiet About Legal Matters

In today’s episode Chuck explains why it is always best to keep quiet about legal matters. Often, what you say could hurt your case.  So it is always better to keep quiet!

Keep Quiet About Legal Matters Video Transcript

Hi folks. I’m going to talk to you about something I saw on the news a couple of weeks ago. I just couldn’t believe it. There was a fellow who was involved in a high speed police chase with multiple police agencies. I believe it ended finally in Tempe where he hit another car. It looks like both cars exploded, thank god everybody walked away fine.

He was caught, he even  got out of the car and ran I believe. Then I see this fellow on the news, speaking outside the jail to a bunch of reporters and giving a video statement about the police not having a lawful reason to pull him over, therefor he took off.

Listen, if you  think the police do not have a reason to pull you over, you still have to pull over. You can fight that battle. Not on the street, not endangering your life or anybody else’s life, or the police officer’s life. You can fight it in court.  All your battles need to be in a courtroom; not on the street. When they are in the street, things can go sideways really fast. You could get shot, you could get beat up,  something could happen to the police officer where you will get charged with additional crimes.

Trust me on this one: Shut up, fight your battles in a court room, hire yourself a lawyer who knows how to speak and knows how to deliver. You could have the greatest case in the world, but if you don’t know how to present that case, you will loose because there are rules. Rules that I have to follow and  if you play lawyer, rules that you have to follow.

But god forbid, don’t stand in front of a bunch of reporters in front of the jail and make a statement about what you did and your belief about the law and whatever else he said. That’s one of the craziest things I have ever seen, and he did himself no favors because the prosecutors will use that against him when they prosecute. As a rule of thumb, always just be quiet, be nice, and things will go a lot better. If you get into jail, if you get arrested, wait until you get out, and come see me. Okay?

Thank you.