Lane Splitting In Arizona

Hi, welcome back. Today’s episode is about lane splitting, this is really for my biker clients. Lane Splitting is not legal in Arizona.

If you decide to share a lane with a car, in other words two cars are staggered or next to each other and you decide to go up the middle of them, you are sharing that particular lane – whichever side you are on, left or right – with that car. That is not legal and it is illegal lane usage.

A lot of you have come from the State of California, a lot of you have ridden in California, it actually was not legal in California until this year, now it is legal under certain circumstances, and you are never to exceed the speed limit obviously  when you’re lane splitting in California, but that is another issue.

In Arizona you can not do that and  if in fact someone ends up moving over on you and hitting you, or you hit them, or your mirror hits their mirror, takes you out, whatever, the accident is your fault.

So I see a lot of people thinking that it is legal, if they do it in safety, and it is not. I actually am curious as to how many of you out there would like to see lane splitting as an allowable way to ride, especially in rush hour traffic. You can email me at, if there is enough of an interest I would like to get a hold of a state rep that could possibly introduce a bill at the Arizona State Legislature and get a law passed similar to California’s that would allow that.

One it would  – I think – increase bike awareness, motorcycle awareness, on the roads and two it would give everybody a faster, more efficient way to travel to work in the morning or coming home at night. Now there are certain dangers obviously with lane splitting, and I’m not sure I trust the motorist whose car I am passing to not move over or even open a door because they don’t like bikers, but none the less, show me your interest in that.

You can email me at and let me know if you think that would be something that you would be interested in.