Misdemeanor vs Felony

Misdemeanor vs Felony

In today’s video Chuck talks Misdemeanor vs Felony. What are the differences between the two types of charges? What are the consequences for these charges?

Hi, I’m attorney Chuck Franklin, and here’s your free legal advice of the day:

A question that I am asked numerous times during the week is “what’s the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony?”

A Misdemeanor can put you in jail up to six months, the fines can be as high as five thousand dollars including surcharges.

A felony can put you in prison with lifelong labels of being an ex-convict when you get out. Of losing your voting rights, losing your gun rights, and obviously takes time away from your family, from your life, because you don’t get to go out.

There is no such thing as work release or work furlough when you are in prison.

You stay there and you’re doing – typically – you do eighty-five percent of whatever your sentence is and then you get released to what’s called community supervision, another name for parole.

When you get convicted of a misdemeanor and you end up with some jail time, typically you are allowed to get out every day and go to work or go to school. Then come back and sleep at the jail facility.

Here in Maricopa County they call it work release or work furlough.

That is probably the biggest significant difference between the two.

Misdemeanor: you can still maintain your life, and support your family or yourself.

Felony: you have “checked out” for whatever time it is that you have to spend in prison.

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Have You Been Charged?

If you are charged with a Misdemeanor or Felony offense, you need an experienced Criminal Defense attorney to fight for your rights in court.  It is possible for some Felony offenses to be changed to Misdemeanor offenses through better plea deals or through completion of other state programs. To learn more about how these differences affect your case call us today at today at 480-545-0700.