New Sentencing for Drug Convictions

In today’s episode, Chuck explains the changes to drug conviction sentencing and the benefits of earned release credits.

New Sentencing for Drug Convictions Video Transcription

Hey everyone, Chuck Franklin here.  For any of you that have drug convictions and end up getting sentenced to prison there’s been a little bit of change in the law the last couple of years.  So, you know, earned release credits are something that you “earn”.  It gets you out of prison a little bit sooner.  Well, now they have a three for seven earned release credit that you can get and that’s assuming you partake in a drug treatment program while you’re in prison.  And then to get out early, you have to sign documents to get out early for community supervision.  You have to sign a document that says that you’re going to adhere to certain things, such as, continuing your drug treatment.  

Now this is not… individuals that have violent backgrounds, dangerous types of crimes are not eligible for this particular program with drug convictions.  So, keep in mind if you want those ERCs, you want to get out early, you need to participate in that program, toe the line.  And that includes not having any infractions with DOC as well too when you are confined.  And it doesn’t necessarily have to be drug related; but if you get into a bad fight or something and you end up with a bad disciplinary record while you’re in the Department of Corrections, you will not be eligible for these additional ERC credits.  

So, if you get sentenced, you’ve got at least something you can work toward that will benefit you, get you out early, get you reunited with your family and make things a little bit easier on you.  But you’ve got to work for it.  And you’ve got to continue to do when you’re on community supervision and remember we don’t have parole any more.  It’s just another name for parole; but community supervision and you’ve got to toe the line while you’re out until you are off paper.  Meaning you’ve completed your entire sentence.  

Hope some of that makes sense to you.  If you have any other questions, you can always give me a call. 

Take care.