Do Not Make Yourself A Target!

In this episode Attorney Chuck Franklin Explains how police can pull you over for almost anything! For example, a license plate cover obstructing an officers view of your plate. These things may seem minuscule and irrelevant, but they may lead to you being stopped.

 Do Not Make Yourself A Target Video Transcript


I am going to speak briefly about something for this week’s video. I will be talking about how important it is that you never give a law enforcement officer a reason to pull you over. For example, things such as dim or no license plate light, non-visible tags, as well as any other obstructions that make it hard to identify your vehicle can be enough for an officer to proceed in making a stop. A number of years ago the Arizona legislature enacted a statute that said, “if you have a license plate with a frame and it covers the word “Arizona” at the top you can be pulled over, even if “Arizona” is only covered partially”. This goes for bikers and drivers. Let’s assume you have had a couple of beers and you are not impaired in the slightest, but your license plate is obstructed in the slightest way. If this happens to be the case and your plate is obstructed then an officer can pull you over, even if you are driving perfectly. Do not give law enforcement a reason to pull you over and do not make yourself a target. Make sure your vehicle is up to par with A.D.O.T. (Arizona Department of Transportation) safety standards, all vehicle identification markers can be seen visibly, and all lights and indicators are working properly. Again, do not give local law enforcement officers a reason to pull you over and do not make yourself a target.

Have you been pulled over for any vehicle identification obstructions?

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