Product Defect Overview

In today’s episode Chuck Talks more about a specific Product Defect, using a recall on his motorcycle as an example. In many cases when a defect is found in a product that makes a Product Liability lawsuit possible, companies will recall products in order to protect consumers and fix the mistakes before they harm more people. Chuck covers the potential dangers that a recalled part can cause, and the importance of quickly having recalled parts replaced.

Product Defect Overview Video Transcript

Hi folks, welcome back.

I’m going to sort of expand on the issue of product defects, and it has to do with my bike here.

My Harley is a 2016 and it is a Road Glide. Most of the baggers, if not – i’m not quite sure if all of the Harley Davidsons now are coming with hydraulic clutches – but the issue with the baggers at least for 2011 I believe to present is that the clutches which are hydraulic in nature and not manual. In other words there is a canister – I’ll show you this in a minute  – a canister on top of the clutch that is actually filled with hydraulic fluid and it helps you pull the clutch in.

Well here’s the issue: Apparently there is some sort of plunger inside the hydraulic unit, the master cylinder on the top of the clutch where the perch is, that fails. It is a very quick fix, and your local Harley  Dealer will take care of it free of charge. The problem is this: you pull your clutch in, and then let’s assume you start your bike. Well the clutch does not disengage even though you’ve got the clutch in. And what happens is, you hit the start button, the motorcycle shoots forward (unexpectedly of course) and you end up hitting a wall, a car, laying the bike down, what have you. It’s dangerous and needs to be fixed.

I never received a written notification, that I am aware of, from the manufacturer or the dealer, but I did get a call from my dealer telling me “Hey Chuck, you still haven’t had your bike brought in for the recall.” They told me it was the clutch recall. I immediately took my motorcycle over to Harley Davidson of Scottsdale and they had me in and out in 90 minutes. Now I don’t have to worry about that but it is dangerous and I suggest you look at your bike, get on Harley’s website, type in recalls and have your VIN number  to see if your bike is a part of this. If it is, get it fixed right away,  because if you do have a product defect, and you have been made aware of it and you don’t take care of it, it’s not their fault anymore. It’s your fault for not taking care of it or putting it off.

Considering you could be in traffic with the clutch pulled in and all of a sudden it disengages or it grabs and shoots you out into traffic, the results could be catastrophic or deadly. So, again, check to see if your bike is a part of that recall and  if it is, get your motorcycle over to your local dealer and get it fixed immediately.

Just to give you a general idea about what I’m talking about, This is the hydraulic, or at least where the hydraulic fluid goes in your hydraulic clutch. The issue with these, with the hydraulic clutch is within here. There is a – I guess a plunger is probably the best way to describe what has to be replaced – once that is replaced, you’re good to go. You don’t have to worry about your clutch disengaging – excuse me – that would be engaging when you have your clutch  lever pulled in and the motorcycle shooting forward.

As a matter of course, I never start my bike unless it is in neutral, its just a matter of trust in whether or not there is an issue with the clutch. I just feel safer starting it in neutral and then putting it in gear myself. I have one too many times seen people that have started their bikes with their clutch pulled in for whatever reason it grabbed and shot them forward unexpectedly, and they weren’t expecting it, and their bike laid over. It might be, you know, just plopping over on the side, but you don’t need any cosmetic damage to your motorcycle if you can avoid it. So, a safety tip is, start the bike in neutral all the time.

Have You Been Injured By a Product Defect?

Injuries caused by product defects can be painful and expensive to treat. If you have been injured by a product defect due to a manufacturing mistake or a defective part, you may be able to collect compensation from the manufacturer. For more information about collecting for an injury, visit Personal Injury or contact us today at 480-545-0700!