Riding Without A Helmet

In today’s episodes Chuck discusses the dangers of riding without a helmet and the impacts it could have on your insurance covering medical costs.

Riding Without A Helmet Video Transcript

If someone on a motorcycle is riding without a helmet , can his insurance company deny covering hisĀ  medical bills on the grounds that he wasn’t wearing a helmet?

This question, believe it or not, is asked a lot. There is this rumor going around that I hear people telling me that your health insurance – you’re talking about health insurance right?

Yes, health insurance.

Okay. Your health insurance has to cover you whether you wear a helmet or not. There is nothing in a policy that I have ever seen (and if there was there would be something contrary to the law.) You can’t have an exclusion such as that. If that were the case we would have situations where people would have to wear gloves or padded clothing in a car, or god knows what else.

There is also a rumor that I have tried to quash, that if you are drunk or impaired with drugs, your liability insurance wont cover what you have done, or your health insurance wont cover your bills if you are hurt. That is not true either.

I have my own opinions on wearing a helmet nowadays, with the number of head injuries I have seen or deaths that I have seen from just a slight head injury. I’ve seen situations where you’re of the opinion of “How in god’s name could this person of had a head injury by lightly tapping the ground with their head?” because they literally fell over at a dead stop and hit their head on the ground. How could they end up dying?

Helmets will help you. I hear often enough “Well if I had a helmet on I would have broken my neck.” Until I see a study where someone shows me that is true, I don’t believe that. Having raced motorcycles for almost 50 years, and always wearing a helmet when I’m riding my dirt bike. No matter how many times I hit my head I can tell you for sure that I never had a concussion, I never had a head injury, and they were full face helmets so I never had an injury to my face. I’ve had injuries to everything else on my body but wearing a helmet is a safe thing.

Not to mention the fact (and I’m not advocating this) that if you end up in a photo radar situation and you have a helmet on, and they can’t identify you (they being the court or the police.) If they can’t identify your face, then you don’t get the ticket. So it does have a plus side to it. I’m not telling you to go out and race stop lights and burn through them or speed intentionally, but without a picture of your face you can’t be prosecuted or sighted for those kinds of radar offenses.

Hope that answers your question.