Social Media and Legal Matters

Hi, this video segment is going to be about Social Media.

You’re probably wondering “What is Chuck going to talk about”.

Well, Social Media is a great form for talking to people, finding friends that you haven’t seen in a long time, family members.

It also has now become an incredible investigative tool for law enforcement and for insurance companies.

Let me tell you what the first thing that a police officer or detective will do or an insurance carrier will do when you are making a claim: They will go right to social media and try to find your Facebook page, your twitter feed, your Instagram and everything else that is out there.

They want to see what you are up to. They want to see who your associates are,  who your friends are, they want to see if you have been talking about the allegations of a crime against your, or whether there is going to be retribution against that person who reported a crime. They want to see if you have responded to it, or if you are, I hate to use this word, but talking shit about somebody that was the victim of a crime or that reported you doing something to law enforcement.

On the other hand, Insurance carriers want to see if you are actually hurt. Or if you are talking about the liability aspects of your claim. I have had so many clients, and this is mind boggling, where they are claiming to me and to the defendant insurance company that is representing the defendant that caused the accident, whether it be a bike, or car accident. The client is claiming that he can’t work anymore. Or the client is claiming that his back hurts so bad that he can only work and do limited amounts of things during the day at his home, or whatever it may be.

Then you see pictures being posted of the guy climbing mount Kilimanjaro or becoming a member of  the World Wrestling Federation. I mean things like this where you have this one story, where I can’t do anything, I’m so hurt from the accident, and you’ve got all these posts about the guy traveling around the world doing all these physical things, or building a tree house, or whatever it may be.

My point is: Don’t air your laundry on Social Media, because that is the first thing that is going to be thrown in your face when you file a lawsuit or you are charged with a crime and you’re talking about it. Those are the things that are left, you need to be quite.

The bottom line is, you don’t talk about the things going on in your life that can come back to haunt you.

It’s one thing to espouse your political views in a nonviolent way, that is one thing. But don’t threaten people, don’t threaten anything on Social Media. Because I guarantee you that it will be brought up in a prosecution of yourself, or it will be brought up in the defense of a lawsuit when you sue somebody for your damages.

I would like to think that if someone tells me that they are hurt, they’re hurt, but there are those that feign an injury trying to get something, and then I read about all of their social media activity, all of their activities on social media that completely torpedoes the case.

I can’t tell you how many times that has occurred and no matter how much I preach, stay off social media with anything that has to do with your pending claim, or your pending criminal matter, because if you don’t  do that, you will end up seeing it again brought up, and be questioned about it. Whether it is in front of a jury, or in a deposition, at trial, whatever. But it will become a huge issue.

Thank you.