Texting Ban in Arizona

Arizona Senate passes statewide texting and driving ban. It is now illegal to talk or text on a cellphone while driving unless the cellphone is on in hands-free mode.

Texting Ban in Arizona Video Transcript

Hey, everybody.  Hot off the press.  Governor Ducey just signed a bill forbidding the use of a cell phone in a manner of which a lot of us, I’m sure, are pretty used to.  Texting, that includes emailing, that includes looking at apps on your phone, that also includes anything where you are holding the telephone if your vehicle is moving.  If you are stopped or parked that’s okay.  Or you can use your phone while you’re driving as long as you’re using your Blue Tooth or some kind of a wired ear piece; but your hands or any part of your body can’t be touching your phone.  That’s the bottom line.

If you get caught, in other words, if the police pull you over, you don’t get a fine until the year 2021.  So, they put off the penalty, if you will, to that; but here’s the issue that I see.  I see that is going to be a protectoral reason for a Police Officer to pull you over.  Let me give you an example.  You’re driving down the road at night.  He sees a glow, presumably from your cell phone that’s maybe is laying in your lap or maybe in your hand.  Maybe it’s in the console.  Maybe it’s sitting in the cup holder.  He sees a glow.  Ah, they’re on their cell phone.  He pulls you over.  No harm, no foul, no fine, you’re not using your cell phone you tell him.  Can’t penalize you if you get… if you actually get caught with your cell phone; but suppose you’ve been drinking.  Suppose you’ve had one drink.  Now all of a sudden, he smells alcohol on you and he arrests you for DUI.  My point is don’t!  Put the thing away.  Put it in the glovebox so there’s no glow.  Make sure you’re not using it when you’re driving on the road.  Use your headset whether it’s wired or not wired, use your Blue Tooth that comes with the car, if it does.  And learn how all the commands can be voice activated.  You’ll save yourself a lot of hassle. Or… and I should say, get yourself one of the holders that can fit on the dashboard but do not obstruct your vision.  I’ve gone over that in a prior video.  If you get one of these big holders that comes down from the windshield and it obstructs your vision in any way, that’s a reason to pull you over.

Again, my point is don’t give any Law Enforcement a reason to pull you over, especially with a cell phone, because if they discover something else that’s a valid reason to pull you over, if they think you were using a cell phone…and who’s to say really if you weren’t.  You?  This is going to become, I see or envision, a huge problem.   I mean the law is warranted, for sure.  I’ve represented so many individuals that I believe were hit, especially bikers, hit by motorists using cell phones; but I’ve also seen, one or two people going down the road on a Harley with a cell phone in their clutch hand while they were looking down at the phone and driving or riding.  I can’t believe that but, in any event, you need to be focused on your driving even with all the doo-dads and gizmos you have on your dashboard, especially in cars.   But get that phone a holder.  Some place where you’re not touching it and its voice activated to call Suzy Q. or however it may be, your mom, your dad, whatever.  You can still use it for GPS and navigation; but again, you can’t be touching that cell phone with your finger while you’re holding it.  And you really shouldn’t be touching it, while you’re going down the road, in a holder of some sort on the dashboard.

So, just be aware that now the police can pull you over if they believe you’ve been using your cell phone while moving in a vehicle and that can lead to all other sorts of problems.  Okay?  No Texting in the entire State.  This isn’t just Maricopa County… this is the entire State of Arizona.  There will be signs up everywhere as people enter the State of Arizona that will probably say no cell phone use.  It’s got to be hands free.  Okay?  I hope that helps you out and you understand what I’m trying to tell you.  Thank you.