Traveling to Canada with a Pending DUI

In this episode, Chuck explains the restrictions when traveling to Canada with a pending DUI or other felony charge.

Traveling to Canada with a Pending DUI Video Transcription

Hi Folks, Chuck Franklin here.  Hey we’re getting into the summer travel season and I’m assuming we’re all able to travel.  And if you’re get any thoughts on going to Canada because of the better weather, compared to our summers; be aware that if you have a DUI charge pending or a DUI conviction, you will not be able to enter the Country.  Whether that ‘s flying in.  Whether that’s driving, you’ll be held at the point of entry.  So, if you fly in and you go through their equivalent to Customs and Immigration, you will be held there and you’ll have to stay at the airport, spend the night, and get on the next flight back that you possibly can.  Staying in the airport just sucks anyhow; but spending in a situation like that would be terrible.  

If you have any other pending felonies matters and you got permission from the Court here to travel out of County or out of State, or both or out of the Country, same thing is going to happen.  If you have anything pending felony wise as well, you’re going to be turned away.  But the DUI convictions are really nothing new.  Obviously, the felony convictions would not be but I’ve represented a lot of people in the airline industry, flight attendants, even pilots.  But pilots usually get their tickets yanked or suspended for a period of time if they have a DUI. 

But going to a flight attendant, you’ll fly in there and you’ll end up having to stay in the same room that everybody else that’s got something pending and you’ll get shipped back.  And then if it comes down to it, you’re going to have to chose different routes or whatever, however you schedule your time with the airline that do not include going to Canada.  So, I’ve had flight attendants that in the past who have gotten DUI convictions and then they were denied to actually fly into Canada as a flight attendant and lay-over, whether it be in Toronto, Montreal, or what have you.  And they’ve had to spend the night at the airport and then hop on the next flight back.  So, you don’t want to go down that road.  That would be awful.  Just a tip for you all.

Stay safe.  Bye-bye.