Uninsured Coverage & Under-Insured Coverage

Today’s episode explains the importance on having Uninsured Coverage and Under-Insured Coverage on your car insurance policy.

I’m going to give you some free legal advice today. I’m Chuck Franklin.

I’m going to explain a … it’s an insurance issue.

When you get insurance, whether your motorcycle or your car and it’s called under-insured and uninsured coverage.

A lot of the insurance carriers will talk you out of it, saying you don’t need it, to try to save you some money but when you have this catastrophic accident that’s caused by an uninsured driver or an under insured driver that has a very small mandatory minimum policy of $15,000 and your first 20 minutes in the hospital cost you $20,000 bucks, that person is not going to be able  to pay you for your damages and for your hospital bills.

So, you need extra coverage; For a minimal amount of money every month to cover what that person did not have. That’s called under-insured (coverage). If they didn’t have any insurance (that is) called uninsured.

Spend the couple of dollars to get that, and you want your limits to be at least 100 300.

Let me explain that:

That means if an under-insured driver (with a) $15,000 . He’s got a $15,000 policy hits you while you are on your motorcycle and your damages are significant- well above $15,000 – you can reach into your own policy of a hundred thousand and pull money out to compensate you for lost wages, for pain and suffering, (and to pay off medical bills).

It’s your own insurance policy that protects you against the other guy that didn’t have enough or didn’t have any at all.

And I hate to tell you that most drivers in this state have just mandatory minimum policies of fifteen thousand dollars per occurrence and nowadays with the cost of medical expenses and whatever money you’re making in terms of not being able to work and losing your wages, that $15,000 is gone immediately.

So my best free legal advise to you is always get fifth, excuse me, always get uninsured and under-insured coverage and don’t get it in the state mandatory minimum, but get at least one hundred thousand dollars worth of uninsured under-insured coverage, so that you can be compensated completely if you’re involved in a bad car or motorcycle accident.

That’s my free legal advise to you today.

Thank you.

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