Use Your Health Insurance

In today’s episode Chuck talks about why it is important for you to use your health insurance at the hospital after an accident, even if the accident was not your fault.

Use Your Health Insurance Video

Hi everyone. Today’s topic is going to be accident related. If you end up in the hospital or an emergency room, even temporarily. You go into the hospital to have x-ray’s done. Make sure you give them your health insurance information.

It seems that hospital personnel and their finance department, they are interested in getting paid. A lot of my clients, the vast majority believe ” well the other guy caused the accident so they are going to be responsible.” So then my clients end up giving that information to the hospital. The person at the hospital ends up thinking that these are the responsible parties. Ultimately they may be, way down the road. But when you give them your health insurance information they’ve got to bill your health insurance company.

That is going to be a lot easier on you financially, if you get those bills paid as soon as possible. Because sometimes it takes three years to settle a personal injury case. So I’m seeing this more often when clients come in and they have really good insurance like lets say Blue Cross Blue Shield. The hospital didn’t take it or disregarded it because they knew they could get more money if they attempted to direct bill me at the settlement. Or they would make an attempt to bill the defendant insurance carrier. Who would never pay a penny until they are told to do so by a jury or a judge. Or by an insurance carrier.

Here’s the issue: I don’t know why hospitals think this. That they can get more money down the road. Because liability hasn’t even been determined yet. So just because you are in an accident victim, liability hasn’t been established. So the hospital has no right establishing that without literally nothing more than that somebody blew through a red light. So you need to give them your health insurance information. So they bill you right away. They get paid right away. And you don’t have people calling you about unpaid bills. Because that other person’s insurance is not going to pay a penny of that bill until they are told to from a settlement, through a jury or a judge award. Once it is reduced to writing and you hand it to them, and they have to write a check. Assuming they have insurance.

My point is, it could be years. And that bill will go into collections, and then you will have problems with your credit. You’re going to have people calling you. You don’t want that. Use your health insurance. For those who don’t have health insurance, you will tell those people at the hospital that you will be a direct pay. That’s where I get involved and keep them off your back until we settle the case.

Hopes that helps you understand it a little bit. Thank you.