Richard's Testimonial:
"This team fought fully informed and, with an intensity that any opposition simply cannot match... Every detail considered, every hole filled, leaving a seamless legal investment... Hire pros, not gimmicky revolving doors. Thank you guys."
Howard's Testimonial:
"As a veteran I consider honesty, integrity and respect the key traits that I look for in a person, and Chuck Franklin... had all three of these. I truly appreciate all the services his staff provided me in settling my case. Thank you again Chuck for going above and beyond what was expected or required of you in helping me out."
Andy's Testimonial:
"Mr. Sene was new to my legal needs but responded quickly and with valuable guidance... Additionally, since that day I have relied on Mr. Sene with several other matters that have been successfully ruled in my favor. I recommended Mr Josh Sene and Chuck Franklin Law as legal consultants and trial attorney."
Sean's Testimonial:
"I came to Chuck in late 2018 for a DUI charge, not knowing what to do or where to go with the case. Needless to say, I was amazed at the things he was able to do... I will and have recommended people to him for service already... Thanks again Chuck!"
Freddy's Testimonial:
"Wow where do begin? I was facing an eviction from my apartment, and notice was not sent to me until days before the hearing. Once I told Josh Sene, he called me immediately, attended the hearing for me, and got the case dismissed entirely. I thank Josh and Chuck Franklin Law for having my back."
Nicole's Testimonial:
"I am so blessed and so astounded by the service that I received from Chuck and his staff. They made the process seamless, educated me on my options, and saw me through start to finish. I consider this the GREATEST law firm in the country. This firm is the real deal and all the community outreach that they do, shows they aren't in it for money alone, they truly want to do what's right. They are my miracle."
Neal's Testimonial:
"They are extremely knowledgeable readily available. They went above and beyond in my case and I was very happy with the end results."